Episode 15 Your Client’s Ever-Changing Journey with Vamshi Sriperumbudur 

Ep 15 Your Client's Ever-Changing Journey with Vamshi Sriperumbudur

Back by popular demand – we are sharing our interview with Vamshi!

How are you ensuring that what was once innovative is now something people expect from your company? With technological advancements, staying on top of your game and providing a memorable experience for every customer is essential. In this episode, we are talking to Vamshi Sriperumbudur about his experience as a CMO and how each department can work together to meet customer expectations.

Vamshi is a passionate, results-driven senior marketing leader of cloud-based B2B software platforms and applications(PaaS/SaaS). He has successfully led the digital transformation of the marketing function at large enterprises and startups with a “blueprint” for go-to-market strategy, messaging, and execution with integrated campaigns to drive awareness, market leadership, and revenue globally.
“Customers have a journey; we want to put them on a journey. We want to show them a little bit of everything and see which journey they want to take first.” – Vamshi Sriperumbudur.

Your Client's Ever-Changing Journey with Vamshi Sriperumbudur All Things Growth

Highlights from this discussion with Vamshi include:

  • Go-to-market strategy from Vamshi’s perspective (2:13)
  • Calibrating and aligning multiple playbooks (6:38)
  • Shifting the customer journey throughout the years (10:17)
  • Product management in the playbook (12:35)
  • Collaboration between marketing and product management (16:59)
  • Product marketing vs. go-to-market (19:51)
  • Improving the go-to-market strategy (24:11)
  • Keeping up with go-to-market trends (27:08)
  • What marketing and sales need right now (30:58)
  • Vamshi’s biggest takeaway from this conversation (34:55)
  • Who should own the go-to-market strategy (37:55)

Keeping up with the ever-changing times is no easy feat, but it’s essential to do well. Your client’s journey and experience should be a valuable asset in this day and age of technology so that you can keep your customers’ needs at heart when navigating these changes. We love feedback and would love to know more about your strategy and how your organization comes together! Come share with us on social media!

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