Episode 16: Maniacal About Data with Helen Baptist

Maniacal About Data with Helen Baptist

Did you know that a C.E.O. is responsible for managing three pipelines: investors, net new logos, and retention? All these components must be present in the go-to-market strategy. Stay tuned if you are ready to understand your swim lanes and their handoffs from marketing to sales to customer experience. 

Today’s guest is Helen Baptists. Helen is the C.O.O. at PathFactory and has years of experience as a SaaS strategist responsible for designing, developing, and implementing customer-centric go-to-market plans to drive significant results and R.O.I.

“Remain curious, and ask good questions. Then turn around and do something that surprises and delights your team or leader unexpectedly because those people will grow their career into this role of owning and executing the go-to-market strategy.”– Helen Baptists

Maniacal About Data with Helen Baptist All Things Growth

Highlights from this discussion with Helen include:

  • Helen’s journey to C.O.O. (2:40)
  • The key to go-to-market strategy (5:21)
  • Sales, marketing, and customer success (8:26)
  • Processes and workflows to reduce friction (9:51)
  • A deep dive into the customer journey (20:13)
  • Helen’s main takeaway (38:36)
  • What inspires Helen (40:13)

We hope you found today’s episode helpful in understanding why your customers churned and using that information to drive your go-to-market strategy. We also hope that this serves as a reminder not to lose sight of why your customers came to you in the first place.

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