Episode 41: Build Trust at Scale with John Miller

Episode 41: Build Trust at Scale with John Miller

Marketing is in constant flux, and as we usher in 2024, the question on every marketer’s mind is, “What now?” If you’re grappling with the changing tides of customer trust, the perceived importance of SEO, or how best to paddle through the waves of website traffic, this episode is for you. Get ready to navigate the truth about marketing in 2024, where trust scales higher than traffic, and bold decisions form the cornerstone of success.

As the digital landscape shifts, marketers are often caught between chasing numbers and building customer relationships. In today’s episode, Christina sits down with John Miller, a leading champion of courageous marketing. They dissect the overvaluation of website traffic and SEO and turn the conversation to the absolute essence of marketing: trust and the human touch. If you’re ready to debunk myths and focus on what truly matters in connecting with your audience, buckle in for an enlightening discussion.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The misguided emphasis on SEO and website traffic in current marketing practices.
  • Strategies to build trust at scale and the pivotal role of website validation.
  • Dissection of failed marketing campaigns from brands like Budweiser and Solo Fire.
  • The dangers of equating courageous marketing with reckless decisions.
  • How to harness the power of content in nurturing sales success.
  • The delicate balance between sales and marketing dynamics, lead readiness, and collaboration.
  • Insights into successful marketing approaches, piloting new initiatives, and setting clear goals.
  • Lessons from the failures of Bitcoin startups and the importance of aligning with long-term strategies.
  • Case studies on companies affected negatively by poor marketing, regardless of initial publicity.
  • The four pillars of courageous marketing.

John Miller founded Scribewise, a content marketing agency that helps B2B firms grow through demand generation and thought leadership. With a dedicated team of talented writers, designers, and strategists, John’s mission is to humanize complex business conversations. They develop and deliver captivating, audience-centric content that builds trust with Scribewise’s clients’ future customers.

John is the leading champion for courageous marketing. He believes that the business landscape is in dire need of a transformation from vanilla to vibrant. He’s committed to swinging for the fences and infusing excitement into the corporate world, a passion that culminated in the authorship of his compelling book, “Playing It Safe Sucks: A Manifesto for Courageous Marketing.”

John and his team at Scribewise help mid-sized B2B firms modernize their marketing by developing and executing content marketing programs that forge enduring, trust-based relationships with their ideal customers. In a world that often fixates on SEO, John proudly describes Scribewise as “SEO-cynical.”

How can marketers appropriately balance the focus between SEO and building trust with potential customers in a manner that doesn’t overvalue website traffic? Come share with us on social!

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