Episode 42:  Propaganda – Chocolate frosted dog crap is still just crap with Curtis Lewsey

Episode 42:  Propaganda - Chocolate frosted dog crap is still just crap with Curtis Lewsey

The business world teeters on a delicate balance between innovation and authenticity, and nowhere is this dance more intricate than in customer appreciation. In this era, where digital convenience often trumps personal touch, our conversation today unpacks a revolutionary strategy that has been silently rewriting the rulebook of customer relations.

Christina and Jenn sit down with Curtis Lewsey, a visionary turning heads with his company’s novel approach to nurture client relationships through automated greeting card systems. As the world faced the challenges of COVID and pivoted digitally, Curtis’s insights serve as a beacon for businesses aiming to retain the human element in automated processes. Join us as we discuss the sophistication of simplicity and the nuanced art of appreciating clients beyond mere transactions.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Curtis’s ingenious go-to-market strategy amid COVID upheavals.
  • The conception of automated greeting cards to drive customer loyalty
  • Tactical deployment of free samples and greeting cards as a tool to slay traditional cost per acquisition numbers.
  • How eliminating setup barriers sweetens the deal for clients to embrace new platforms.
  • The long game in business: Curtis’s testament to delayed gratification in cultivating repeat referral business.
  • The staggering outreach of 15,000 greeting cards monthly and the dividends it pays in lead generation.
  • Curtis’s journey from a bootstrap entrepreneur to a thriving business leader learning under mentorship.
  • The significance of relationship building, follow-up prowess, and the power of genuine customer appreciation in earning more business.
  • The potency of “appreciation marketing,” where gratitude intertwines with strategy to yield an impressive return on investment.

Curtis Lewsey with his over 15 years of experience in the sales and marketing industry, has carved a remarkable path by understanding the true essence of relationships. Starting as a cold caller, he quickly realized the value of building genuine connections and earning referrals. This shift in focus, combined with a profound belief in the power of gratitude, led to Curtis co-authoring the national best-selling book, Appreciation Marketing® – How to Achieve Greatness Through Gratitude.

The success of the book opened doors to a global stage, where Curtis had the privilege of educating teams worldwide on the profound impact of implementing an Appreciation Marketing® strategy. The message was clear: in a world driven by technology, personal connections are the true currency of life. Inspired by this philosophy, Curtis founded AMcards, a groundbreaking business tool designed to create, strengthen, and nurture relationships in a tech-savvy world.

Although appreciation & gratitude seems like common sense, Curtis recognized that it’s not common practice in the business world. Customers often feel the love during a transaction, but when business is completed, there is often little to no follow up after the sale. AMcards helps businesses implement an automated Appreciation Marketing® Strategy- a simple, inexpensive and highly effective system for long-term follow up with real greeting cards.

We want to know, is your follow-up strategy dead in the water? Are your ongoing relationships turning into referral treasures?  Come share with us on social!

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