Episode 30: Focus on Results, Not Goals in 2023 with Dr. Jean Oursler

Focus on Results, Not Goals in 2023 with Dr. Jean Oursler

Are you and your team goal-oriented or results-oriented? Are you wondering what the difference is? According to my guest in this episode, Dr. Jean Oursler, goals don’t work, but results do. In fact, to achieve your goals, you must fight your “caveman brain.” If you don’t, it will stand in your way every single time. Christina, what in the world is a caveman’s brain? I’m glad you asked. It involves brain science and business growth systems. Dr. Jean explains all of that and more, so this is a conversation you don’t want to miss.

Dr. Jean Oursler, otherwise known as the Results Queen, has a Ph.D. in business psychology and is considered one of the country’s top business consultants, a top-rated speaker, and a world-class business performance coach. She is the author of “Give up Goals and Results are Yours”. Using Innovative Brain Science, Dr. Jean is the creator of a groundbreaking business growth system called the Caveman Brain Business Growth System powered by Caveman Brain®.

In this episode, Dr. Jean and I discuss branding psychology, all the things that make up people’s behavior, and why it should be considered when developing your strategy.

Focus on Results, Not Goals in 2023 with Dr. Jean Oursler All Things Growth

Highlights from this episode with Dr. Jean Oursler include:

  • Find out what makes her the “Results Queen”
  • Learn why getting results is so important 
  • Why do goals fail?
  • Discover what holds companies back from growing successfully
  • Get to know your “caveman brain”
  • Understand why it’s not about “having more”, it’s about “being better”

In order to be successful, you need to understand your caveman’s brain and develop systems and processes around it. Otherwise, that will continue to stop you from growing and achieving your results. I find the psychology of people and their behavior fascinating, and we should consider that as we develop our strategy. What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you! Send me a DM on Instagram.

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