Episode 21: Leap frog your competitors with a good media strategy with Mary Ann Pruitt

Leap frog your competitors with a good media strategy with Mary Ann Pruitt

How well do you know your customers beyond demographics? Do you find any commonalities or habits among them? What behaviors go with them as individuals? As people consume media at an increasing rate, you need to know your audience, their habits, and what channels they’re hanging out on! With an extensive marketing and media strategy career, Mary Ann Pruitt is here to share some of her incredible marketing wisdom with you.

Mary Ann Pruitt is the CEO and President of Mosaic media, a collection of media-buying experts and creative strategists who negotiate purchases and monitor advertising space and airtime. She was named a Top Woman in Media Industry Leader in 2020. She was described as “[not] afraid to take decisive action, break down barriers, invent new solutions, and apply unusual and creative thinking to resolve complex issues.”

Mary Ann and I discuss how media buying is part of an overall short and long-term go-to-market strategy, knowing your audience, and finding the right long-term partner to assist with auditing, implementing, and managing media buying campaigns.

Leap frog your competitors with a good media strategy All Things Growth

Highlights from my conversation with Mary Ann Ann Pruitt:

  • Introducing Mary Anne (1:17)
  • Mary Anne’s media and data background (2:24)
  • Traditional media myths (5:51)
  • Making your personas and media strategy a priority (8:36)
  • Finding a partner who has a direct seat on a DSP (11:53)
  • The importance of data in business (15:30)
  • First-party data is the future (25:07)
  • Choosing quality over quantity (28:10)
  • A new way of consuming information (34:31)
  • How to prepare for 2023 (41:37)
  • Who Mary Ann is following? (44:16)

Having more than one persona and different messages for each is okay. But you need to do a competitive analysis to see if those are truly the personas you want to go after. Data, partners, and personas are all equally important and play a part in helping one another. What has worked for you in the past regarding data and media? Send us a DM on Instagram to let us know.

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