Episode 20  Frenemies: The New (Old) Way to Drive Revenue with Charla Session-Reed

Frenemies: The New (Old) Way to Drive Revenue with {Charla Session-Reed}

Does your sales team feel threatened by partners? Or do you think partners shouldn’t be feared or perceived as competitors? Maybe you view the partnership as a strategy, like our guest, Charla Session-Reed. Charla’s goal is to create marketing strategies with partners, so stay tuned…

Charla Session-Reed is a Partner Marketing Executive. She has over 20 years of marketing experience working to create dynamic marketing strategies for various companies, such as ShipStation and Coca-Cola. Most of her marketing career has been working closely with partners to create impactful GTM strategies. 

For over 8 years, Charla has taught college marketing courses to help inspire the next generation of marketing professionals. In her free time, you can catch her chasing after her energetic 2-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son and binge-watching murder mystery shows. 

In this episode, Charla and I discuss dynamic marketing strategies. Particularly as they relate to partners because they play such an important role in the go-to-market strategy.

Frenemies: The New (Old) Way to Drive Revenue All Things Growth

Highlights from my conversation with Charla Session-Reed:

  • Introducing Charla Session-Reed (2:31)
  • Charla’s background (4:01)
  • Go-to-market strategies for product marketing (6:01)
  • What makes partners so valuable (8:10)
  • Why go-to-market strategies are important to Charla (10:42)
  • The role partnerships play in go-to-market strategies (12:14)
  • Identifying customer needs and working backward (18:31)
  • Functions within organizations (21:48)
  • Communicating with your partner’s marketing team (24:18)
  • Joint marketing programs (26:43)
  • The definition of success for partners (31:38)
  • What Charla hopes people will take away from today’s discussion (40:32)
  • What inspires Charla (41:28)

Everyone is welcome at the table, even big competitors. You could rely on them to bring in referrals as your number one strategic partner. Are partnerships your friends, enemies, or frenemies? Send us a DM on Instagram to let us know.

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