Episode 23: Marketing is Anything but Linear with Robert Gilbreath

Marketing is anything but linear with Robert Gilbreath

Have you driven past a shopping mall lately and noticed how full the parking lot was? Does that leave you wondering what that means for e-commerce? Don’t worry, shopping online is still as popular as ever and continues to grow. People are still shopping online, whether you ship directly to yourself, click and collect, or ship to a recipient. Our guest, Robert Gilbreath, talks about how that affects e-commerce marketers and much more.

Robert Gilbreath is a Texas native, husband, and father. Aside from his background in software/SaaS, eCommerce, partnerships, marketplaces, and products, he has experience on both sides of the table across all those areas. 

In this episode, Robert discusses e-commerce best practices, establishing expectations, and looking at your homepage as an end cap for your marketing.

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Highlights from my conversation with Robert Gilbreath:

  • Robert’s background (2:16)
  • Where is Robert now? (10:05)
  • The role of go-to-market (17:57)
  • Betting on e-commerce (24:48)
  • In-store vs. online merchandising (30:13)
  • Being a GM at ShipStation (32:10)
  • What could elevate marketers into a higher role (36:45)
  • Who owns the go-to-market strategy? (43:38)
  • Robert’s takeaways (45:59)
  • Who is Robert inspired by right now? (47:13)

To understand how their solutions fit into the ecosystem, e-commerce marketers need to know how their software works and how their customers use their products. Not only that, but they need to be able to take risks and be innovative. I’m curious, where does your business fall on that spectrum, and does your management support it? Send us a DM on Instagram to let us know.

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