Episode 24: Creating a Thumbs-stopping Experience with Brian Davidson

Creating a Thumbs-stopping Experience with Brian Davidson

Are you creating a “thumb-stopping experience” on social media for your business? You may have heard this referred to as “stopping the scroll”. How about growth marketing? Are you relying on a data-driven approach? Our guest, Brian Davidson, believes conversions should precede likes and impressions when driving a brand forward. Brian and I dive into all this and much more, so stay tuned!

Brian is the co-founder of Matchnode, a digital marketing agency that is changing how people and organizations leverage social media. Brian and his team have worked on digital advertising campaigns for brands such as the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Blackhawks, Lending Tree, and New Balance. 

In this episode, we discuss B2B, a successful Chicago Bulls campaign he ran, and what you should think about when planning and executing your campaign in 2023.

Creating a Thumbs-stopping Experience All Things Growth

Highlights from my conversation with Brian:

  • Brian’s background (2:13)
  • Taking a more strategic approach (4:38)
  • Brian’s definition of digital marketing (6:56)
  • Relevant messaging in digital marketing campaigns (9:28)
  • Mobile versus desktop: what to consider (11:33)
  • The role of personalization in B2B (13:34)
  • What it looks like when it’s successful (14:47)
  • What to consider when developing these programs (17:40)
  • The importance of digital marketing (22:59)
  • What inspires Brian (25:42)
  • Brian’s top takeaway from this conversation (27:52)

Hopefully, today’s episode inspired you to think about your thumb-stopping experience. Whatever yours may be, I’d love to know if your branding and messaging are cohesive. If you feel there could be some improvement, what about this episode made you think about making changes to that consistency? Send us a DM on Instagram to let us know.

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