Episode 25: Start Building a Blueprint for 2023 with Kip Knight

Start Building a Blueprint for 2023 with Kip Knight

Since we’ve entered 2023, I have to ask, have you already created your marketing plan and tactical strategy? Or is this on your list of to-dos for January? My guest, Kip Knight, discusses everything you need to consider while building out this plan. Listen in even if you have your plan set since it’s still early enough in the year for you to make changes!

Kip Knight lives in San Juan Capistrano, California, and was Taco Bell’s Chief Marketing Officer from 1999 to 2001. Over the course of his 37-year career, he has worked in 65 countries, spending 10 years in brand management at Procter & Gamble and 10 years in PepsiCo’s international restaurant division. Kip was also the first head of marketing for KFC International.

Kip worked as the vice-president of marketing for eBay, North America and Canada, and he is the founder of the U.S. Marketing Communication College (USMCC), a pro bono organization which works with the State Department to train diplomats on marketing strategy and implementation. Kip is also the Founder of CMO Coaches, author of “Learn to Leap”, co-author of “Crafting Persuasion”.

Kip and I discuss the need for marketers to be able to speak the language of business, not just marketing, how to create operational segmentation, what are key metrics, and how you’re held accountable.

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Highlights from my conversation with Kip Knight:

  • Kip’s background (1:18)
  • The journey of an “accidental marketer” (2:35)
  • The role of persuasion in marketing (6:47)
  • Two thoughts on strategy (10:33)
  • Three strategy and tactical planning tips (14:23)
  • Creating compelling marketing stories (22:09)
  • Critical areas of persuasion and influence (25:57)
  • The importance of coaching for the CMO (28:19)
  • Owner of go to market (35:41)
  • Things from today that Kip wishes he had back then (40:58)
  • What kip wishes would make a comeback (42:45)
  • the language of business (45:39)
  • What inspires Kip? (47:05)

I know I gained a lot of insight from my conversation with Kip about why it’s vital to speak the language of business. Whether you already have a marketing plan and tactical strategy ready or not, I hope this inspired you to think about how to come up with a clear model for converting a prospect into a customer. What will you prioritize for 2023? Send us a DM on Instagram to let us know.

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