Episode 32: “M”arketing with a capital “M” with Brett Schklar

Episode 32 “M”arketing with a capital “M” with Brett Schklar

Have you ever read a job description for a CMO that started great but turned out to be a little rocky? It may have said they wanted you to run strategy, which is great! But then, did it add on tasks that aren’t part of the responsibilities of a CMO? A good CMO is not here to do tactical work, they are here to do strategic work. My guest, Brett Schklar, focuses on fractional CMOs and works with growth-phase CEOs, CROs, and entrepreneurs.

Brett Schklar is on a mission to redefine how emerging tech companies leverage proven marketing leadership. With a team of the greatest marketing minds in all of B2B Tech, Brett’s company, GROW Powerful, is delivering proven and innovative growth strategies and operations to the most innovative companies in the world.

Brett leads a team of 30 iCMOs (interim/fractional CMOs) who happen to be the greatest growth and marketing minds in all of B2B. He also leads a community of almost 300 fractional CMOs (and growing quickly) Prior to GROW, Brett grew and sold Market Creation Group, a B2B Tech Marketing Agency, over a 13-year period. During that time, his company served over 230 clients, of which 36 had successful exit events.

Brett has always advocated for the power of marketing, including growth, demand creation, awareness building and a core belief that the brand is the soul of a business.

Brett hosts, “Grow Up with GROW” – a weekly podcast where he provides marketing guidance to emerging tech CEO’s and their PE/VC investors.

In this episode, Brett and I discuss his vision of GROW, job descriptions for a CMO, why a fractional CMO is important, and more.

“M”arketing with a capital “M” All Things Growth

Highlights from this episode with Brett Schklar include:

  • The traits and characteristics of a good fractional CMO
  • CMO expectations
  • Recent shifts and verticals that are prime for ICMO
  • Focusing on the valuation
  • Excitement and fear around AI

The CMO is one of the most important roles in marketing. Their job is to work on strategy and make sure the company meets its revenue or whatever targets they might have. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this episode with Brett Schklar. Send me a DM on Instagram.

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