Episode 10: How to be Badass Modern Marketer with Brandi Starr

Ep 10: How to Be a Badass Marketer with Brandi Starr

Do you feel you need to fill the gap between your marketing and customer care? Maybe it’s time to sit down and listen to customers’ calls. In this episode, we talk to Brandi Starr about the marketing magic that happens at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology and their role in the Go to Market strategy. 

Brandy is truly a modern marketing Maven who believes marketing magic happens at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology. She is the COO of Tegrita, a marketing consultancy specializing in marketing automation and strategy for the modern marketer. She guides B2B and B2B2C companies to crucial pivot points to achieve sustainable growth through road mapping, modernizing processes, and removing friction from the customer experience. Brandi was voted one of the top 50 women you needed to know in Martech in 2018, and her 20-plus years in her career have spanned a variety of industries and marketing disciplines. She’s a co-author of a fantastic book called CMO to CRO: The Revenue Takeover by the Next Generation Executive and the host of Revenue Rehab Podcast.

At the bottom line, it starts with the change in mindset and approach in marketing. It won’t necessarily be easy, but you are that driver of change and that real impact on Go-to-Market on revenue, brand, etc. You are the change.” – Brandi Starr

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Highlights from this discussion with Brandi include:

  • Introducing Brandi Starr (1:23)
  • What the Go-to-Market strategy means to Brandi and why it is so important to drive revenue growth (4:00)
  • What the role of the executive team should be in developing and executing a Go to Market strategy (6:15)
  • The Go-to-Market strategy in small vs. large companies (11:26)
  • Strategy vs. tactical plan (15:20)
  • Shifting from Chief Marketing Officer to Chief Market Officer (19:16)
  • How marketing roles are evolving (23:41)
  • Marketing’s role in revenue generation in B2C, B2B, and B2B2C (25:57)
  • Being more relevant in communication (30:27)
  • The tools and technology to prove value and impact (35:22)
  • Transforming from CMO to CRO timeframe (41:19)
  • Brandy’s biggest takeaway from this episode (44:47)
  • Brandy’s biggest inspiration (45:36)

Do you feel more confident in having effective communication with your customers? We hope Brandi’s knowledge and gems help you create a more effective communication plan for the better good of your business. If you are looking for help creating or refining your Go to Market strategy, reach out to us – we would be happy to learn more!

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