Episode 11: Why Leaders Need to be Intentional Story Tellers with Misty Megia

episode 11 Why Leaders Need to Be Intentional Storytellers with misty megia

Do you become paralyzed by fear whenever you have to present your metrics or have one-on-one client meetings? Did you know this fear might not be related to speaking at all? You might need to improve your listening skills and learn how to connect with clients through storytelling.

In this episode, we are talking to Misty Megia about how she combined her experience in the theatre and business world to assist high-achieving leaders who want to deliver powerful presentations.

Misty is a seasoned theatre actor, director, and choreographer with over 100 performances under her belt and a business strategist extraordinaire. She has assisted companies in generating new revenue streams, developing their brands, streamlining operations, and bringing a fresh perspective to the organization. Misty has received numerous honors, including being named one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting by CPA Practice Advisor after only three years in the accounting profession. She was also named “One to Watch” on the Top 100 Accounting Influencers in 2020. Misty is now CEO/Founder of Misty Megia LLC, where she brings her 20+ years of corporate speaking and 20+ years of theatre experience to the table.

“We should look to improve ourselves if we are trying to be better leaders.” – Misty Megia. 

Why Leaders Need to Be Intentional Storytellers All Things Growth

Highlights from this discussion with Misty include:

  • Introducing Misty Megia (1:23)
  • How she used her background in theatre and business to develop step-by-step problem-solving strategies (3:04)
  • Misty’s “a-ha” moment (4:30)
  • Why giving a presentation requires more than just a script (6:15)
  • Some of the major topics we’ll be discussing (10:31)
  • Misty’s definition of a good market strategy (12:04)
  • Her methodology and workshops (15:16)
  • The role of storytelling in improving job and company performance (18:51)
  • Why people struggle with public speaking or storytelling (29:01)
  • The relationship between storytelling and public speaking (35:41)
  • A story about storytelling (38:25)
  • Remembering your intention (42:25)
  • Examples of how to use storytelling to increase revenue (44:12)
  • Some virtual presentation tips (49:37)
  • What she hopes listeners will take away from today’s conversation (56:12)
  • What books, people, and leaders inspire Misty (46:16)

Do you feel more confident using storytelling and public speaking? We hope Misty’s insights helped you feel more at ease and confident connecting with clients, convincing them to act, and other skills that can lead to more success for you personally and your businesses.

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