Episode 12:  The Big Picture with Pam Didner

Episode 12 The Big Picture with Pam Didner

Have you heard rumors that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace us in the marketing industry? Do you worry about its evolution and believe it will eventually evolve and replace us in the workforce?

Our guest on today’s episode is Pam Didner, a marketing strategist, writer, speaker, podcaster, and author. We discuss how artificial intelligence can make your job much more efficient and help you make better decisions. We also explore using content and data to create sales and marketing strategies.

Pam Didner is a marketing consultant, writer, speaker, podcaster, and author of 3 books: Global Content Marketing, Effective Sales Enablement, and the Modern AI Marketer. She has given future trends, content marketing, and sales enablement presentations and workshops in the US, Europe, South America, and Asia. Her forte is to create successful global marketing plans that meet the local marketing and sales team’s needs. She is strategic in nature and tactical in execution. 

She specializes in sales, marketing, internal/external communications consulting, keynote presentations, corporate training, and planning sessions. She shares marketing thoughts at pamdidner.com and contributes articles to the Guardian, the Huffington Post, Content Marketing Institute, and other publications. 
But I have come to realize in a digital world more, and more marketers cannot leave the backend integration and the process to someone else.” – Pam Didner.

The Big Picture with Pam Didner All Things Growth

Highlights from this discussion with Pam include:

  • Introducing Pam Didner (1:15)
  • Pam’s background and “gateway to marketing” (2:37)
  • Insights on global content marketing (5:47)
  • Changes and shifts over the years (11:17)
  • A sales enablement strategy (15:04)
  • What “go-to-market strategy” means to Pam (21:57)
  • Things Pam sees that impact growth (25:33)
  • More on data (28:14)
  • Diving into Artificial Intelligence (30:26)
  • Making jobs more efficient (33:23)
  • AI and humans working together (35:54)
  • Making AI work for you (38:24)
  • What Pam hopes listeners will learn from today’s discussion (43:08)
  • Who inspires Pam? (44:05)

We hope you found Pam’s expertise in sales enablement, content marketing, and future trends helpful. We also hope you feel more comfortable implementing AI into the marketing sector to make your jobs easier!

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