Episode 9: Changing to Survive with Tushar Kant

Episode 9: Changing to Survive with Tushar Kant

Does your business model feel like it needs to change? Maybe it isn’t keeping up with all the changes in today’s market. In this episode, we talk to Tushar Kant about the many things that are changing in our industry and how important it is to think about the entire journey of making sure your products have the alignment to endure the changes. 

Tushar Kant has more than 20 years of Industry Experience across Silicon Valley & Wall Street at Amazon Web Services, VMware, Facebook, Intel Corp., Sun Microsystems / Oracle Corp., Bank of America Securities, and GE Capital. He has worked in diverse fields spanning Product Management (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Security, Database and Analytics), Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Software Development, Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Venture Capital. Tushar has a BS in Electrical Engineering (IIT-India), MS in Computer Science (USA), and MBA (NYU Stern School of Business), where he was designated Stern Scholar and was a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. He has publications in Artificial Intelligence, High-Performance Algorithms, and Bankruptcy & Reorganization. He has been a National Level Debater in Macroeconomics, organized concerts of International Artists, and is an active member of various IIT Alumni organizations, including being co-founder of the worldwide IIT Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Forum. He has spoken as a guest speaker and in competitive events at MIT (USA), IIT Delhi, and IIT Kanpur.

“Until you change your approach and adopt a consumption-based, managed services-based, or automation-based business model, you will not survive. You have to have that mindset that if you do not change, you will not survive.”Tushar Kant.

Changing to Survive with Tushar Kant All Things Growth

Highlights from this discussion with Tushar include:

  • Introducing Tushar Kant (1:09)
  • How go-to-market strategy contributes to revenue growth in larger organizations (2:43)
  • How go-to-market strategy varies within the CAPEX model and the OPEX model (4:03)
  • How the consumption model changes the go-to-market strategy (6:37)
  • Alignment and collaboration between departments (8:27)
  • What you need to learn and unlearn to grow when growing away from a traditional model (13:12)
  • How automation contributes to the consumption business model’s success (17:52)
  • Reducing friction to improve the customer’s overall experience (21:10)
  • The shift of consumer expectations as companies begin to improve the end user’s experience (24:30)
  • What the partner community and vendors need to be thinking about in this new normal (28:01)
  • How companies should be working with partners to help them transform in this new model (32:11)
  • Who owns the go-to-market strategy according to Tushar (35:32)
  • What to take away from this episode (38:28)

Do you feel steady enough to take on the changes that will take place in your business model? Or maybe you are ready to pivot in your model completely. We hope Tushar’s incredible insight in this episode has helped take that change head-on. If you are looking for help creating or refining your go-to-market strategy, reach out to us – we would be happy to learn more!

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