Episode 8: Prepared to Pivot with Tammy Estes

Episode 8: Prepared to Pivot with Tammy Estes

When it comes to your go-to-market strategy, how does product fit? How does marketing fit? Do you feel like they can work better together? Today, we are talking to Tammy Estes about the importance of shifting your product and business based on your consumers’ feedback. Tammy will also share how this helps you have a more robust product and position in the marketplace and better align with your customer.

As Chief Product Officer, Tammy Estes oversees product roadmaps and development that drive the innovation and enhancement of various platforms and products for the Nomadix Group companies. Estes’ responsibilities include management of the product, development, engineering, and architecture groups and identifying innovative opportunities that lead to product growth while prioritizing efforts in a way that best suits customer needs and business goals. With over 25 years of experience in managing teams, defining product roadmaps, and implementing product development strategies, Estes has applied her expertise at several technology-based companies, including Earthlink, where she was VP of MIS and VP of Program Management.

“Everybody has a role in defining the go-to-market strategy, the product, and they’re very intertwined. You can’t build products without understanding your market, and you can’t define a market without knowing what your products can do.” – Tammy Estes.

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Highlights from today’s discussion with Tammy include:

  • Introducing Tammy Estes (1:12)
  • Tammy’s role at Nomadix (3:52)
  • Nomadix’s integration, implementation, and acquisition (5:54)
  • How roles play together in developing and executing a go-to-market strategy(9:43) 
  • Having a go-to-market strategy and team in place for quick pivoting (12:57)
  • Improving processes by defining and implementing a go-to-market strategy. (17:41)
  • Being a woman in Tammy’s role (24:49)
  • B2B vs. B2C go to market strategies (27:34)
  • Tammy’s biggest takeaway (29:17)
  • Who should own and execute the go-to-market strategy (30:42)
  • Inspiration for career trajectory (33:15)

Are you prepared to pivot based on feedback from your customers? Tammy shared insights on what it takes to have a successful go-to-market strategy and how having the right team in place is critical for quick pivoting when your plans inevitably change based on feedback. If you are looking for help creating or refining your go-to-market strategy, reach out to us — we would be happy to learn more!