Episode 28: Tame Your Marketing Chaos with Ryan Ruud

Tame Your Marketing Chaos with Ryan Ruud

In today’s tech-driven world, organizations can easily overspend on technology while underutilizing it. Whether that’s intentional or not, it’s important to understand that your MarTech stack is unique to your company. Because your organization is unique, the different systems you integrate, how you use them, and how you set up your workflows will all be unique as well. My guest, Ryan Ruud, has some thoughts on this and much, much more…

Founder and CEO of Lake One, Ryan Ruud builds and scales revenue systems with strategy, technology, and hands-on support for B2B brands. He has spent the majority of his career aligning sales, marketing, and support teams around strategies and goals that move their businesses forward while equipping them with tools to drive efficiency. You can find Ryan’s thoughts on growth in publications like CMSWire, Smart Insights, and more.

While you don’t get to choose your tech stack, you still have to use it, so in this episode, Ryan and I discuss some underlying things you can do, as well as some best practices you can use.

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Highlights from this episode with Ryan Ruud include:

  • The importance of beginning with customer’s needs
  • How to connect with your buyers and how to market
  • Why marketing is understaffed and under resourced
  • The problem with technology and marketing that broke sales 
  • Picking the right platforms so they’ll constantly evolve with you

In this episode, we learned that technology is a helper, not a hindrance. Do you feel that your company’s tech is hindering your processes? Let me know what resonated with you and what’s on your mind as you go back to the drawing board. Send me a DM on Instagram to let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

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