Episode 6 How Clear is Your GTM Strategy?

Ep 6 How Clear is Your GTM Strategy?

In this episode of All Things Growth, Christina Del Villar and Sree Chadalavada discuss go-to-market strategy: what it is, who owns it, and how it should be executed.

Together they will cover best practices and challenges, including:

  • Corporate strategies, sales strategies, or marketing plans are not go-to-market strategies.
  • Most organizations lack a clear owner of the GTM strategy, which causes inefficiencies and holds companies back from revenue growth.
  • The role of the customer in the GTM strategy
  • Critical success factors of a GTM strategy
  • When and how to update a GTM strategy for an evolving market

Does your organization have a clear owner of the GTM strategy? Who do you think should own the GTM strategy? We’d love to know more about your strategy and how your organization comes together! Come share with us on social media!